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Truncate text  layout

If the text is longer than one line, it will be truncated and end with an ellipsis .

<p class="truncate-text">If I exceed one line's width, I will be truncated.</p>
.truncate-text {
  overflow: hidden;
  white-space: nowrap;
  text-overflow: ellipsis;
  width: 200px;

If I exceed one line's width, I will be truncated.

  1. overflow: hidden prevents the text from overflowing its dimensions (for a block, 100% width and auto height).
  2. white-space: nowrap prevents the text from exceeding one line in height.
  3. text-overflow: ellipsis makes it so that if the text exceeds its dimensions, it will end with an ellipsis.
  4. width: 200px; ensures the element has a dimension, to know when to get ellipsis
Browser support


⚠️ Only works for single line elements.